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Benzalkonium Bromide Solution

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[Veterinary Drug name]

General name: Benzalkonium bromide solution

Product name:

English name: Benzalkonium Bromide Solution

Chinese Pinyin: Benzhaxiu 'an Rongye

[Main ingredient] Benzalkonium bromide

[Sex] This product is a light yellow transparent liquid; Fragrant; Strong vibration produced more foam. Turbidity or precipitation may occur at low temperatures.

[Pharmacological action] As a cationic surfactant, benzalmonium bromide has a better killing effect on bacteria such as pyococcus and intestinal bacteria, and a stronger killing ability against gram-positive bacteria than gram-negative bacteria. Weak to the virus, lipophilic viruses such as influenza, vaccinia, herpes and other viruses have a certain killing effect, hydrophilic viruses have no effect; It has little effect on killing mycobacterium tuberculosis and fungi. It can only inhibit bacterial spores.

Benzalmonium bromide has antagonistic effect on anionic surfactants, such as soap, lecithin, washing powder and Tween-80. Iodine, potassium iodide, protein silver, silver nitrate, salicylic acid, zinc sulfate, boric acid (above 5%), peroxides and sulfonamides, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum and other metal ions, have antagonistic effect on this product.

【 Function and application 】 Antiseptic medicine. Used for disinfecting surgical instruments, skin and wounds.

[Usage and dosage] Benzalkonium bromide was used for calculation. Wound disinfection: prepared with 0.01% solution; Disinfection of skin and surgical instruments: 0.1% solution.

【 Adverse reactions 】 No adverse reactions have been observed after using the prescribed dosage and usage.

(1) Do not use with soap and other anionic surfactants, salt disinfectants, iodides and peroxides, etc. After washing hands with soap, the operator must rinse with water before using this product.

(2) Not suitable for disinfection of ophthalmic instruments and synthetic rubber products.

(3) It is necessary to add 0.5% sodium nitrite to prepare the disinfectant of the apparatus, and its aqueous solution shall not be stored in the container made of polyethylene, so as to avoid the reaction with plasticizer and make the liquid ineffective.

(4) Can cause people's drug allergy.

[Sabbatical] no need to set

[Gauge] 20%

[Package] 1000ml/ bottle

[Storage] Shading and airtight storage.

[Date of Production]

[Batch Number of Production]

[Valid until]

[approval number] veterinary drug (2015)153592513

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