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Povidone Iodine Solution

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[Veterinary Drug name]

General name: Povidone iodine solution

Product name: Giant point

Povidone Blouse Solution

Chinese Pinyin: Juweitongdian Rongye

[Main ingredient] iodine

[Properties] This product is a reddish brown liquid.

[Pharmacological action] This product destroys the metabolism of pathogenic microorganisms by releasing free iodine constantly. It is a kind of antiseptic medicine with high efficiency and low toxicity, and has a good killing effect on bacteria, virus and fungi.

【 Function and application 】 Antiseptic medicine. Used for disinfection of surgical site, skin and mucous membrane.

[Usage and dosage] Povidone iodine. Skin disinfection and treatment of skin diseases, 5% solution; Milk cow nipple soaking, 0.5% ~ 1% solution; Mucosa and wound were rinsed with 0.1% solution.

[Adverse reactions] No adverse reactions have been observed in the prescribed usage and dosage.

(1) Animals allergic to iodine are forbidden.

(2) When the solution turns white or light yellow, it loses its disinfecting activity.

(3) Should not be combined with mercury-containing drugs.

[Sabbatical] no need to set.

[Specification] 10%

[Packing] 5L/drum ×4 drum/box

[Storage] Shade, seal, and store in a cool place.

[Valid until]

[approval number] veterinary drug (2015)153591577

Veterinary drug GMP acceptance through the enterprise (****) veterinary drug GMP certificate word ** no

Production License:

Manufacturer: Shandong Lugang Fuyou Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

Company address: No. 3388 airport Road, Lingang Development Zone, Jinan city

Website: tel: 0531-82687877

Fax: 0531-82687887 Zip code: 250107

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