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Glutaral and Deciquam Solution

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[Veterinary Drug name]

General name: glutaraldehyde decyl ammonium bromide solution

Product name: //

(Glutaral and Deciquam Solution

Chinese pinyin: Wu 'erquan Guijiaxiu' an Rongye

[Main ingredients] glutaraldehyde and decyl methyl ammonium bromide

[Sex] This product is a light yellow clarifying liquid, with pungent odor.

[Pharmacological action] disinfectant. Glutaraldehyde is a disinfectant for aldehydes and can kill bacterial propagators, spores, fungi and viruses. Decyl methyl bromide is double chain cationic surfactant, its quaternary ammonium cation can actively attract negatively charged bacteria and viruses and cover its surface, impede bacterial metabolism, resulting in membrane permeability change, synergistic glutaraldehyde more easily into bacteria, virus, destroy protein and enzyme activity, achieve rapid and efficient disinfection.

【 Function and application 】 Disinfectant. Used for disinfection of farms, public places, equipment and instruments and eggs, etc.

[Usage and dosage] in terms of this product. Dilute with water to a certain proportion before use. Spraying: routine environmental disinfection: 1. (2000 ~ 4000) dilution; 2. Environmental disinfection in case of epidemic disease, 1 (500 ~ 1000). Soak: disinfect apparatus and equipment, 1:(1500 ~ 3000).

[Adverse reactions] No adverse reactions have been observed in the prescribed usage and dosage.

[Precautions] It is forbidden to mix with anionic surfactant.

[Sabbatical] no need to set.

[Gauge] 100ml: glutaraldehyde 5G + decyl methyl bromide 5G

[package] 5L/ drum x4 drum/box

[Storage] Sealed and stored in a cool dark place.

[Date of Production]

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[approval number] veterinary drug word (2015)153596245

· Veterinary Drug GMP Acceptance passed Enterprise (2015) Veterinary Drug GMP Certificate No.89

Production license :(2015) veterinary drug production license no. 15359

Manufacturer: Shandong Lugang Fuyou Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

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