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Will the medical device industry suffer a "big fire" after passing the epidemic test?

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  • Time of issue:2019-08-06 10:43
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(Summary description)The outbreak of medical device industry is affected by multiple factors such as policy, technology, market, capital and disease.

Will the medical device industry suffer a "big fire" after passing the epidemic test?

(Summary description)The outbreak of medical device industry is affected by multiple factors such as policy, technology, market, capital and disease.

  • Categories:Media review
  • Author:
  • Origin:
  • Time of issue:2019-08-06 10:43
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The outbreak of medical device industry is affected by multiple factors such as policy, technology, market, capital and disease.

In the Chinese New Year 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak came out of the blue. Many people are stuck with a mask, and there are serious gaps in medical supplies such as protective suits, goggles and forehead thermometers for front-line medical staff.

At this time, the medical device industry stepped forward, donated materials and materials, and actively resumed work: the first batch of tianjin Jiuan Medical aid materials, 1000 infrared thermometers, arrived in Wuhan on the first day of the New Year; On February 5, Deary Medical said it would donate 10 million yuan worth of medical testing kits and equipment; The production line of Bikang has been reformed to increase the production capacity of masks and protective suits...

At the same time, these enterprises also encounter various problems. On February 3, Yuyue Medical said it had stopped production of its face masks due to a shortage of materials and could not supply them for the time being. The products of disinfection perception control, temperature measurement, oxygenometer and face masks were all out of stock.

Some people say that this is an opportunity to upgrade the medical device industry; Others say this is a "big test" for the medical device industry.

On the road to fight against the epidemic, they are walking ahead

"The first batch of 1,000 infrared thermometers donated by Xiaomi arrived in Wuhan on the first day of the Chinese New Year." The person in charge of Tianjin Jiuan Medical company introduced that on January 27, the enterprise urgently recalled more than 20 managerial personnel and technical backbone people in tianjin factory, contacted the raw material supplier at the same time, coordinated the transportation quickly, and sent all the prepared materials collected to the factory. Production materials were prepared overnight for the next day's formal resumption of production.

On January 28, under the call and leadership of Chairman Liu Yi, more than 200 managerial and technical personnel and their family members in Tianjin gave up their holidays and went to the production line, racing against the epidemic in two shifts day and night.

On January 29, 46,080 sets of overseas reserved goods were assembled and sent to China by air urgently to meet the urgent needs of epidemic prevention in China. On January 30, in order to cooperate with the key prevention and control measures in the national key epidemic areas, 600 iHealth thermometer were sent to Wuhan Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Hospital by the fastest means of transportation to support the frontline battle against the epidemic...

This is jiuan medical efforts on the road to fight the epidemic, but also the epitome of the national armed enterprises to fight the epidemic.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, temperature screening is a necessary means for public health and epidemic prevention needs, but there are few forehead thermometer manufacturers that can supply in bulk nationwide, and there is a serious shortage of non-contact infrared temperature measurement products. And nine an medical explosion temperature meter in the public health epidemic prevention has played an important role.

"At present, the enterprise's output of thermometer can reach 7,000 units per day. We are striving to reach 10,000 units per day. At the same time, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant departments, we are actively purchasing production-related equipment and expanding the capacity, striving to produce more than 400,000 units in March. Even so, the current gap of the thermometer is still huge. Every day, I receive more than one million inquiries on WeChat. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen need at least 100,000 units, but the production capacity cannot be made in a day, there are processes such as the supply of raw materials and the increase of production capacity." "Liu Yi sighed.

Three difficulties in resuming work: lack of raw materials, lack of logistics, lack of labor

"With the existing capacity, the company is facing a shortage of workers and a shortage of raw materials." Liu yi said that although the company's raw material supply has not been out of gear, but still facing supply difficulties.

It is understood that in order to ensure production material unceasingly, in nine after the production material may disconnect, tianjin government one day to the guangdong provincial government issue the coordination function, hope factory in guangdong to the fastest speed to arrange the construction period, urge relevant departments in the organization of the state ministry of articles for infrared thermometer parts supplier and the supplier's supplier to start production, at the same time under the airport management committee to coordinate, spring circuit co., LTD., to help the urgent production out of the 23000 pieces of circuit boards.

In the early morning of February 7, Zhang Changlin, the director of logistics department of Jiuan Medical factory, went to Guangzhou Zhongshan Assembly Plant for assembly with 23,000 newly packaged circuit boards. 48 hours later, he returned to Tianjin with 15,000 assembled display modules.

Up to now, the most missing raw materials of jiuan thermometer are plastic shell, MCU and sensor. The shortage of raw materials has been changing dynamically. "With the help and coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, tianjin Municipal government, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and other governments, we will do our best to ensure continuous production and supply." Liu yi said.

"The company resumed some work on February 11, but the capacity is about 30 to 40 percent of the original. At present, the main problem the company is facing is the return of workers from other provinces, followed by the upstream and downstream supply chain, logistics issues." Hongda high-tech person in charge introduced that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the company immediately set up the epidemic prevention command team, unified the company's entire factory disinfection, and take relevant measures to minimize on-site contact and on-site meeting.

"We hope that during the epidemic, the country can reduce and exempt taxes and social security fees. We also hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible, so as to ensure the company's adequate supply of raw materials and smooth logistics." The head of Hongda High-tech told The Beijing News that the epidemic has mainly affected the company's business, and the company's cash flow is relatively abundant so as not to have an existential crisis.

The end of the epidemic, the medical device industry may usher in a big outbreak?

"This outbreak has enhanced people's awareness of protection and promoted the popularization of forehead thermometers and other products in the market. With the elimination of the epidemic, the short-term demand for public health and epidemic prevention will fall sharply, but the demand for personal protection may increase, which will lead to a big growth in the market." "Liu yi analyzed.

According to Liu, the centralized outbreak of the epidemic has led to great pressure on medical institutions across the country, and the Internet medical model can solve the problem of seeking medical treatment during the epidemic for patients with chronic diseases. In the future, the "O+O" new model of Jiuan medical diabetes diagnosis and treatment will also usher in new development opportunities.

Ma Xudong, general manager of Luo Ren Medical Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. analyzed the industry development after the epidemic from three perspectives.

Ma xundong said that for the enterprises with excess production capacity before the epidemic, they may be released rapidly due to the development of the epidemic. Such enterprises may see rapid growth in the short term, and investment institutions will be more optimistic about such enterprises in the short term. For many enterprises with relatively high technical content, such as stents and high-value consumables, during the epidemic period, such enterprises may be relatively affected due to the inability of hospitals to treat patients. However, after the epidemic, hospitals will resume normal diagnosis and treatment activities, and the production and supply of such products may explode. For early-stage research companies, new opportunities may arise for their technologies and products.

"In this case, coVID-19 leads to impaired lung function in infected people, and some of the studies that we have done have involved the treatment of specific pulmonary fibrosis. We are considering working with experts at home and abroad to link some of the previous research developments to the symptoms of this coVID-19 so that new products and technologies may be available." Ma Xudong regrets, the epidemic for the industry, is indeed a crisis and a turning point.

Some people in the industry pointed out that although some enterprises look good in the short term, but after the end of the epidemic, the long-term core values of enterprises still need to be seen. In addition, the outbreak of medical device industry is affected by multiple factors such as policy, technology, market, capital and disease, which need comprehensive consideration.

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