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Shandong Lugang Fuyou Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Is an enterprise dedicated to the research and development,

production and sales of disinfectant products, animal medicine and health care products

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Enterprise purpose: with first-class quality, first-class service, committed to build the flagship of the animal medicine industry, do animal health guardians, loyal service of breeding industry. Respect talents, pay attention to the market, accurately grasp the product positioning, timely and comprehensive market tracking services, so that quancheng brand full of vitality and vitality;

Enterprise vision: develop and expand together with animal husbandry;

Development strategy: use science and technology to create the power of sustainable development;

Business philosophy: Meeting the market demand is the connotation of all our work;

Enterprise spirit: accept the baptism of the market with the wisdom and sweat of the team;

Corporate values: managing one's life before the enterprise;

Work style: pragmatic, diligent, fierce and innovative;

Moral concept: honest and trustworthy, abiding by rules and regulations;

Employee philosophy: grow together with the enterprise;

Concept of life: human resources as the company's first precious resources management;

Learning philosophy: Learning is work;

Scientific and technological concept: use technical barriers to cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises;

Management philosophy: go your own way, create a unique way of operation;

Quality concept: Without quality, production will lose value;

Safety concept: Safety is the biggest economy;

Service concept: The product without the service is incomplete;

Competitive consciousness: tamp the foundation, just have to win to grasp;

Team spirit: the enterprise is a family needs you and me;

Concept of time: time is not renewable, for the diligent people stingy, for the lazy people luxury;

Customer philosophy: Without customer interests, we have nothing;

Cost concept: to control the cost is to create profits;

Enterprise spirit of Rugang Fuyou Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. : take the challenge as the instinct of surviva



Add:3388 Jichang Road, Lingang Street, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China


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